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You’ve escaped the office or you've left your to-do lists at home and are finally vacation-bound. But while you’re on your way, constipation starts to slow you down. No one wants to feel constipated, but all too often that is exactly what happens.

Don’t worry - constipation while traveling can be prevented. It is caused by a change in the diet, like when you munch on sugar filled snacks instead of eating the usual high fiber meal. By incorporating high fiber foods into your plans, you, and your stomach, will be ready to travel the world.

Fruits and VeggiesHigh Fiber Travel fruits and vegetables

The easiest and most portable of high fiber foods! You can take a pear or apple anywhere, even on a plane.

If you’re craving more, plan ahead and make a scrumptious salad or mixed-berry bowl.


Bran Cereal

Opt away from sugary treats at the complimentary breakfast, and get the morning right with high fiber bran cereals.

Since they come in small boxes, you can buy a few ahead of time and drop them in your bag.

15695-granola-barsPortable High Fiber Bars: Fiber bars like those made from Fiber One have a lot to offer, especially flavors like the Oats & Chocolate bar. They give you a sugary taste to satisfy the sweet tooth, protein-rich nuts for energy and a high-fiber count that helps your stomach with digestion. The best part? They fit in your carry-on and can go through security.




Nothing beats a great smoothie on the go. A spinach-infused drink blended with lots of fruit will help the stomach digest properly and leave you feeling great, no matter where you’re heading. Try to find a small single-serving blender to bring on your trip so you can make your smoothies anywhere.

Fo-girl-bar-sTraveling to a different place, eating different foods and just generally leaving behind your regular schedule can wreak havoc on your stomach.

Be kind to your digestive system and rely on these foods above for a fiber-filled and fun-filled trip!   

For more ways to beat the stress of travel check out this video: 

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