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ptr-highbeam-125sqHighbeam Research provides a one stop research hub that brings together over 6,500 different reliable newspapers, research papers, magazines and other cutting edge publications to give you the most up to date information right at your fingertips.  Just a few of these include Oxford University Press, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, NPR, Associated Press and The Christian Science Monitor.  Back issues of past published newspapers and magazines are also available.  Visit Website

Also tapped by Highbeam's broad reservoir of current events, research and information are more specialized publications such as The Economist, Pediatric News, Science News, Business Wire, Los Angeles Business Journal, Popular Mechanics and a wide selection of nursing and psychology journals as well.  This broad access to credible news and research sources is indispensable for students of any subject, businessmen, home-makers, news junkies, educators, health care professionals, or anyone who needs to stay on top of the most current trends in the world.

Womensforum Partner: Highbeam Research is a valued partner in the womensforum network.

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