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Photo Credit: CNN.com

In the feistiest GOP debate so far in this election cycle, voters got to see their candidates spar over security, immigration, and even constitutional rights. Donald Trump, once again, was at the center of it all. The frontrunner was the subject of attacks from every other candidate on the stage as they jockeyed for a late bump in the polls.

In the wake of the San Bernardino shooting and terrorist attacks in Paris, national security was the focus throughout much of the debate. As Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz saw gains in recent polls, their jabs on this topic were mostly aimed at one another.

Cruz criticized Rubio's cooperation with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for their actions in the Middle East, as Rubio fired back by holding Cruz accountable for ending surveillance programs and limiting defense spending. 

The attack on Trump and his wide lead in the polls was headed up by Jeb Bush, who at 4%, needs all the help he can get to catch up. Without missing a beat, Trump came back with one of his typical jabs, giving us the most memorable exchange of the evening: 

He's a chaos candidate. And he'd be a chaos president. — Jeb Bush

I know you're trying to build up your energy, Jeb, but it's not working. — Donald Trump

By positioning himself as the anti-Trump candidate, Bush is looking to capitalize on voters that might feel disenfranchised by the GOP's changing ideals. After six months of campaigning, that strategy doesn't seem to be doing him much good. 

The next debate for the GOP candidates is scheduled on January 14th. The next Democratic debate comes around on December 19th. 

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