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Credit: MTV

If you want your MTV...Movie Awards recap, Womensforum has it. This awards show is always filled with crazy antics, and this year was certainly no different. MTV took a risk and held the entire awards show outside- but taped it on Saturday and aired in on Sunday. Check out some of the exciting, cringe-worthy, drool-worthy, and downright outrageous things that went down at the 2016 show.

1. Suicide Squad Trailer

Even if you're not a comic book fan, this movie looks like it's going to be crazy! With all-star cast members like Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto, it looks like it might be the movie to pick up the pieces from the disapointing reviews of Batman V Superman.


2. Alexander Skarsgard's "Cheeky" Wardrobe Choice

Skarsgard said he went pantless so he didn't compete with Zach Effron going shirtless a couple years ago, but we wouldn't haver really minded if he did. Either way, he certainly knows how to show off some skin.


3. Key and Peele and Their Invisible Cat

Hilarious not only because they're promoting their movie Keanu (which is about them trying to find their kitten) but they were also presenting the award for Best Virtual Performance. As Jordan Peele asserted, "They're going to add [the cat] in post."

MTV Movie Awards 2016KeyAndPeele

 Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty


4. Adam DeVine and Rebel Wilson's Makeout Session

They won Best Kiss, but they certainly took it to a WHOLE new level.


5. The Rock and Kevin Hart's Mad Max Entrance

The video pretty much speaks for itself:


6. The Lonely Island Boys Pay Tribute to Will Smith

The comedic, rapping trio started off the presentation of Will Smith's Generation Award with this fun musical melody that featured callouts to Men In Black and The Fresh Prince.


7. Melissa McCarthy Wins Comedic Genius Awards

Melissa McCarthy certainly deserves the award, demonstrated by the fact she crowd surfs to accept the gold popcorn statue...


8. Exclusive Trailers and Clips Galore

Between the Suicide Squad trailer, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trailer, and the Captain America: Civil War exclusive clip, it seems like the MTV Movie Awards were the place to see new content.

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