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These kids really don't know what a Walkman is!

A new video of kids’ reactions to Walkmans has gone viral, letting those of us whose childhood was filled with bobbing our heads to the portable cassette players realize how much time has truly passed since the good ole' days. TheFineBros featured a new episode of “Kids React”. They not only showed the young ones the Walkman, but also laughed at their attempt in trying to figure out what it does and how it works.

One girl thought it was a phone, but when handed the bulky object said, “Oh, what is this thing?” with disappointment. Another girl just kept hitting it in random spots with hopes that it would do something. 

When asked what it actually was, one of the most popular answers was a walkie-talkie. Another child guessed a music box, which was kind of close.

The children were finally told what the mystery item was, but that didn’t stop the hilarious reactions. The trick was, there was no cassette tape inside. Once they were handed a tape, many of the kids had no idea what to do with it. One adorable little girl had many failed tries, but stayed determined. 

“I am not going to give up. I’m a survivor,” she said, just moments before she added, “Ok, I give up.”

Another funny quotable was when another girl said, “I feel like Indiana Jones.”

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