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Photo Credits: Splash

 17195-grphicFormer Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is now  Hillary Clinton, according to an update given by the presidential candidate’s team. What this means is that when Clinton is addressed in the press, on ballots and in speaking engagements, she now prefers to be called by her first and married name only. 

This isn’t the first time Clinton has changed her name. Early in her marriage to Bill, Clinton kept her maiden name, Rodham. This caused a stir in 1970s Arkansas where former President Bill Clinton was campaigning for governor. Many conservatives were outraged by Hillary flouting tradition and keeping her own family name as a public figure. For Hillary, it wasn’t such a big issue - she just wanted to keep her family name. However, when then Governor Bill Clinton lost a reelection, Hillary modified her name to Hillary Rodham Clinton.  

Hillary’s name began to change once again when she started her first run at the presidency in 2008. Clinton also used her married name more than her three-word moniker when naming her website hillaryclinton.com. Today, Clinton has officially embraced tradition by going by Hillary Clinton. Next up on Clinton's name change timeline? Just plain Hillz.



Photo Credit: Hillary Clinton/Tumblr 

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