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We're all wondering it, but we may already have an answer. The next presidential election is coming up in 2016; people are already making predictions on potential future candidates...including whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will run. 

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show asked Clinton, "Do you have a favorite shape for that home office? Would you like it to have corners?"

Clinton answered with, "Fewer corners."

Well, we all know one office that can provide that! Considering the interview, Hillary Clinton seems to have dropped the big hint that she's looking to run for the biggest position in the country.  

Also, how could we forget one of our favorite singers, Katy Perry, helping Mrs. Clinton out? Looks like the dynamic duo have got the Eye of the Tiger.

For more on the potential future candidate, you can read her book Hard Choices, where she discusses time as Secretary of State, Senator, First Lady, and Cabinet member.

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