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hiring-a-personal-trainerPersonal Trainer

You've been coming to the gym religiously, going to fitness classes, doing cardio. You may even be weight training on your own. Yet you haven't seen the results you'd like. Or maybe you're bored. Maybe you need to "change things up" in your fitness routine. That's when you need a trainer!  Hiring a personal trainer isn't just for the overweight and out of shape. Even the most conditioned girl can benefit from a new fitness routine! Olympic and elite athletes alike have personal trainers. Consider it a challenge to have someone else, like a personal trainer, boss you around a bit and watch your body be transformed.

Lose Weight With A Trainer

Many women are concerned about the cost of a personal trainer. But there are some great fitness packages out there if you look around.  And just because you hire a personal trainer doesn't mean you have to live at the gym.  Many trainers will meet with you a few times per week and then give you a workout to do on your own, saving you money.  Spending the money on a personal trainer is all about perspective.  If you are considering hiring a trainer for weight loss and better health, then remember that if you do not get more healthy, that money will likely be spent on medical bills down the road anyway.

Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Studies show that women who lose weightand keep it off, either are working with a personal trainer or have in the past.  The benefits of being coached by someone else both in the exercise domain and nutritional department rarely fails.  In fact, the longer you work with a trainer you become sort of your own fitness expert.  Eventually if you feel like you'd like to work out on your own, you will have been educated on the tools you need to keep moving.

Deciding on a Personal Trainer

When picking a personal trainer, decide if you would prefer a man or woman.  Honestly, many women prefer having a female trainer, unless the guy trainer is "hot," (wink, wink).  Interview several trainers before you decide.  Explore their personalities to see if you are a good fit.  Ask them about their workout styles and certifications.  If there is a head trainer at your gym, ask them who they would recommend.  And don't be afraid to switch trainers if you don't feel like it's working out.  Many trainers would prefer that you do switch because they can sense dissatisfaction and a good trainer will not take it personally.

That First Personal Trainer Appointment: What to Expect

The first meeting with a personal trainer should involve paperwork and a health assessment.  Many trainers will give you a questionnaire to help them know you better and see any goals and concerns you may have.  There may be medical issues to clear with your doctor as well, and a good trainer can assess that. 

The health assessment is nothing to be afraid of!  You will likely be weighed and measured.  Some trainers will figure out your body fat percentage.  Though this is far from fun, it gives you both a starting point and it's fun to see the progress over the next few weeks.  So what are you waiting for?  Whip up that body into shape with a personal trainer!

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