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history-of-the-world-cupBe prepared for your next World Cup gathering by reading up on the competition's history!

Do you want to plan a World Cup party but confused on what the World Cup is really all about? Get yourself informed with knowledge and history of this international phenomenon and be prepared for your planned World Cup gatherings.

World Cup History

The first World Cup games were held in Uruguay in 1930. The games were an idea proposed by Jules Rimet in the 1920's, who arranged the World Cup with other french football administrators. The winning team receives the Jules Rimet Cup, a gold trophy that is still passed to the winning team every year.

The World Cup, however, was on a 12 year stand still during the Second World War. Then starting back up in 1950, the games are held every four years. Typically the games are hosted in countries located in Europe and the Americas, but the Executive Committee decided to give other countries a shot for hosting the World Cup, and assigned the 2002 games to be co-hosted by Japan and Korea. 

Since the start of the World Cup, there have been only eight countries that have taken home the Jules Rimet Cup. Brazil is in the lead with five wins, followed by Italy (4 wins), West Germany (3), Uruguay (2), Argentina (2), England (1), France (1) and Spain (1). Although the United States has not taken home the trophy, their highest ranking was third place in the 1930 games.

Revenge To Commence

When the United States hosted the 1994 games, Brazil took home the trophy for the fourth time at that point. However, with Brazil hosting the games on their turf for the second time, the United States is training hard to see if they are able to take that trophy back from them!

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