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Is-Hogwarts-Finally-Opening-Its-Doors-to-Muggle-StudentsFor all those Harry Potter fans that are still impatiently waiting to get their Hogwarts letter in the mail, here’s some good news!

A wizarding school called the College of Wizardry has been opened at Czocha Castle in Poland for all Muggles who’ve ever wanted to be immersed in the world of Harry Potter. Volunteers have organized live-action role play (LARPing), which is open to anyone 18 and older. Veteran live-action role players will play the teachers.

The cost of attendance is 280 euros, which translates to $346.47. Wizarding students will receive housing and meals, robes, a house tie, and books for their courses. 

The cost doesn’t seem to be hindering any would-be wizards, however. The first event in November sold out in only two days! 

Students have the option to study one of five Harry Potter-inspired magical disciplines: fighting the dark arts as aurors or curse-breakers; working with magical animals as a magizoologist; training as a healer; or studying the unspeakables...

The school will also have five sorting houses à la Hogwarts!

To learn more, check out the promo video here. 

Registration for the April 16–19 2015 term opens on December 11 at 8pm CET. Will you be signing up?

Photo Credit: John-Paul Bichard

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