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hogwarts-express-opens-to-muggles-in-londonPhoto Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Harry Potter fans around the world, prepare to get excited. It's now possible to visit the very same Hogwarts Express steam train that appeared in the popular movie franchise. While you'll have to travel to London, England to see it for yourself, the new attraction is set to open tomorrow. The train forms part of a permanent 20,000 ft2 expansion at the current tourist attraction site just outside of London in Herfordshire.

Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara said at a recent press launch event: "This very train had a starring role in all eight Potter films."

"It's one more part of a unique and totally captivating world that JK Rowling's created. Jo couldn't be here tonight, but she's here in spirit, since all of this grew out of her imagination."

The 78-year-old bright red steam train has been decked out with props from the film on the inside to really bring the magic to life. Fans can expect to see copies of The Quibbler as well as pumpkin pasty wrappers.

The train is set on the infamous Platform 9 and 3/4 which has been extended. The newly revamped platform now comes complete with a railway store selling all manner of movie merchandise as well as a trio of luggage trollies halfway through the platform wall - creating the perfect photo opportunity for Potter fans.

Since the Warner Bros. Studio Tour opened three years back, it's attracted fans of the books and movies from around the globe. Other key elements of the tour involve guests strolling through the Great Hall, looking inside Dumbledore's office and being able to stroll through Diagon Alley. The tour also enables visitors to understand more about how the special effects, such as how the flying broomstick scenes are created.

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