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Holiday Gifts For Pets Under $10

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holiday-gifts-for-pets-under-10We've got some great gifts for your pets that won't leave you feeling guilty for splurging. 

Looking to surprise your pet with a special holiday gift they’ll love? You don’t have to break the bank! Check out a few gifts for them under $10!

Gifts for Pets $10 or Less 

Personalized Doggie Dish

Personalized doggie dishes are a great and inexpensive gift for your furry friends! Splurge on an additional $10 for a ceramic bowl that guarantees to stay durable and reliable for your dog’s favorite time of day: dinner. 

Keep Your Pet Cozy

As the harshness of winter gets closer, your pet could probably use a nice, warm blanket or throw to keep them cozy through the night. Pet owners can easily find an inexpensive one of great quality at a local mart or a nearby pet store. It could also be a gift for pet lovers who might not love the fur dogs and cats leave behind on their couch, beds, and chairs. 

Comfy Pet Carrier

If you want to show off your small pet while keeping them contained, get a comfy carrier. It will be fun for them to travel with you and convenient for you to keep them close and in your eyesight. These days, they come in the form of a purse or even a duffle bag shape for your larger pets that you don’t want to leave behind. 

fish-tank-petsDon't Forget About Your Underwater Friends!

Of course we can’t forget about pets that live underwater. Fish are always easy to shop for. If they already have a tank, “prettify” it with live plants, stones and jewels. Many pet stores even sell them with different and fun themes, like beach (the fish will feel right at home)! Some run for as cheap as 0.99 each so you can definitely get a few to spread around. 

Make Slithery Creatures Feel Special

Even though some might see snakes, frogs and lizards as slithery, icky creatures, those who own them might want to make this holiday season extra special. For the new reptile owners out there, begin by purchasing the different elements of a starter kit, like a bedding tray. 

If your home is currently “petless,” but you’re thinking about purchasing one for your loved one or child this season, you definitely want to make sure they have the basics to go along with it. For the more independent pets like dogs and cats, don’t forget things like a collar and leash. When it comes to fish, it’s often really easy for children to forget they’re there. So start them off with a generous amount of fish food, it’s a great way to teach them responsibility. 

It’s no secret pets are considered part of the family. So why not make them feel special during the holidays? 


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