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Holiday Gifts for Pets


6 Stocking Stuffers for Pets

stocking-stuffers-for-pets-mainKeep your dog or cat from ripping up your stockings by getting them their own with a ton of goodies! 


Easy DIY Dog Treats

easy-diy-dog-treats-headerWhy buy dog treat when you can make your own? 

Have you ever thought about making your dog's treat yourself? Instead of buying gourmet snacks for your pet this holiday, we have a few ideas for DIY dog treats that are easy, healthy, and made up of things you probably already have in the kitchen. From peanut butter dog treats, banana flavored dog treats, doggy granola bars, to a doggy popsicle, we've got something your dog will enjoy. Put a smile on your dog's face by making one of these delicious and easy DIY dog treats.


DIY Dog Necklace

diy-dog-necklaceYour dog can have neck candy just like you.

Forget pet accessories that cost an arm and leg. Give your special dog a special piece of jewelry by making it yourself. It will surely cut down the cost and that is always a plus! DIY projects for the home and for your closet never get old. It is not often we focus on our pets and the things we can make for them. It is the perfect time to visit your favorite craft store and get a few materials for a DIY pet project. You can have your kids help you create a gift from all of you to your pooch. A simple DIY pet project is making a DIY dog necklace.


DIY Holiday Gifts for Pets

diy-holiday-gifts-for-pets'Tis the season of giving to those we love. Let’s not forget to include the family pets that bring joy to our lives, too! 

We all know that the holidays can be very expensive. After all the shopping is complete, there can be little money left over to treat our family pet to a gift. Many pets are family members in today’s homes and owners do not want to leave them out when we make our Holiday wish lists. Here are easy and inexpensive DIY holiday gifts for pets!


Holiday Gifts For Pets Under $10

holiday-gifts-for-pets-under-10We've got some great gifts for your pets that won't leave you feeling guilty for splurging. 

Looking to surprise your pet with a special holiday gift they’ll love? You don’t have to break the bank! Check out a few gifts for them under $10!