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Screen Shot 2017 11 29 at 4.29.56 PM CroppedGet to holiday crafting with this easy and creative holiday snowman! Got a few fake tea lights lying around? Use them to create a happy snowman! This is a super simple holiday craft that you and your kids can do together.

You’ll build a snowman using craft paper but the tea light will be his face and, you guessed it, the wick of the fake tea light is his nose. Simply create and turn on the tea light and you’ll have a holly jolly craft in minutes! You could hand these out to friends, family or coworkers! 

What You’ll Need 

  • White, light blue, brown, red and green craft paper 
  • Fake tea light
  • Red-checkered ribbon
  • Scissors 
  • Glue 
  • Black crafting gems 



  1. Cut a large circle using the white paper. You could trace the outline using a large mouthed glass.
  2. Cut a small circle using the light blue craft paper. 
  3. Glue the light blue circle on top of the white circle.
  4. Use strong glue to glue the fake tea light to the top of circles. Make sure the switch is still visible so you can turn it on. 
  5. Let dry. 
  6. Create a hat by cutting a moon shape from the red craft paper and layer it with green paper cut into a dome. 
  7. Top it off with a small circle of the white paper. 
  8. Glue to the top of the tea light. 
  9. Cut mini branches using the brown paper and glue to the sides of the body for arms. 
  10. Glue two black gems above the wick for eyes, four underneath to create a smile and three on the body for buttons.
  11. Once the tea light is secure, cut a piece of ribbon and tie a bow around the tea light for a scarf. You could also glue the scarf to make it secure. 


Happy holiday crafting! 



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