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Holiday Wrapping Paper Without a Penny

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holiday-wrapping-paper-without-a-pennyHere are 10 ways to avoid buying expensive wrapping paper this year.

You have the perfect gift in your hands. You are proudly holding it, nearly hugging it, while you wait in line to check out. You feel so proud and excited to give this gift to a really special person, but right before your turn with the cashier, you realize you need wrapping paper!

The line is long and you can’t bare waiting another 20 minutes going to the back of the line. So, what do you do?

“Maybe I still have some at home from last year?” you wonder. On that note, you decide to risk it and say you must have some pretty wrapping paper at home. But, when you get home and dig everything out of your closet and find none, you feel frustrated and wonder if you have enough time to run back to the store and wait in the line all over again after all.

This is for you, ladies, when a time crunch is happening before exchanging gifts this holiday season.

8 Creative Wrapping Paper Ideas for Holiday Emergencies

  1. Old book pages
  2. Gift bags from newspapers
  3. Paper bows from newspapers
  4. Old maps
  5. Word search pages
  6. Paper shopping bag from a store with a neat pattern or design. For example, a black and white striped bag. It’s possible to wrap and cover up the logo, if necessary.
  7. Paper boxes used from dry noodles or macaroni from dinner the previous night.
  8. Create a pillow box fold with a 12-pack of soda carton and top with a bow.

Even cheap wrapping paper can be a pretty penny. If you’re trying to save, these creative wrapping ideas will make your gift stand out from all of the others.

Share with us your pictures or ideas of past creative wrapping ideas @Womensforum to add to this list!

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