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Hollywood’s next bachelor is among us.

The Monday after a beautiful fall weekend is difficult... but the Monday after George Clooney’s wedding, well that’s just a gloomy day for women everywhere. And it’s not just George - over the last few weeks we’ve lost Brad to Angelina in their matrimony (we might have lost him six children ago) and Ryan Gosling, The Notebook legend, is now a father with partner Eva Mendes. Of course we wish these stars all the best in their ventures of love and family. But luckily, the field of single men in Hollywood is still alive with possibilities.

Bachelor Number One: Tom Cruise

Unlike Clooney, Cruise has shown optimal interest in marriage. Previously linked with Nicole Kidman, Brooke Shields and Katie Holmes, this Hollywood superstar is entering the next phase of single life. He’s mainly stationed in New York where he spends time with daughter Suri and is often seen with elder children Isabella and Conor, his kids with Nicole Kidman. His most recent blockbuster hit, Edge of Tomorrow, is an ode to his ever-active film role as a hardcore hero. His interests include acting, Scientology, healthy on-air debating, and fatherhood.

Bachelor Number Two: Leonardo DiCaprio

The Wolf of The Wolf of Wallstreet. What’s so great about Leo besides his five Oscar nods and two Golden Globe wins? Well, he’s devilishly handsome, his Italian name rolls off the tongue, and his philanthropist character is highly admirable. In 2014, DiCaprio was appointed United Nations representative on climate change. In 2010, the actor donated $1 million to the Wildlife Conservation Society, plus he’s an activist for gay rights.  He’s funny and we hold onto hope that DiCaprio can step out of his comfort zone of strictly dating models (i.e. Bar Refaeli, Gisele Bundchen).

Bachelor Number Three: James Franco

The ultimate funnyman and hunk, James Franco, is one of the younger potential suitors on our list of bachelors. Franco is an educated UCLA English major who is often seen on the campuses of UCLA and USC teaching lectures on theater. His biggest films include the hilarious Pineapple Express and This Is The End. He has also starred in emotionally fired films such as Milk, 127 Hours, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, among others. 

Franco has a big heart for giving back. He has stated, "Aiding other is the key to happiness and, as an actor, you can get wrapped up in yourself and your career…A little secret is one of the greatest ways to break that is to stop thinking about yourself for a second."

And, the in-laws are a good bunch to spend holidays with. Franco’s younger brother Dave, is an established actor who looks strikingly like his brother (perhaps an upcoming bachelor in our eyes!).

Bachelor Number Four: Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhall has been romantically linked to celebrities ranging from Taylor Swift to Reese Witherspoon and the fact that T. Swift hasn’t written a song about their break-up makes him a quality fish in the pond. 

His breakout role was in the critically acclaimed film Brokeback Mountain as a traditional cowboy and Heath Ledger's love interest. He’s a proud uncle of Ramona and Gloria, children of sister Maggie Gyllenhaal. He has five movies to be released over the next year, not including his small appearance in Beyoncé and Jay Z’s "Run" music video. So... he’ll be looking for a companion to walk the red carpets with.

Bachelor Number Five: Usher

He’s got moves and the voice for lasting love. The eight-time Grammy winner is young at 33 but not opposed to older women. His ex-wife Tameka Foster, mother of his two children, was 10 years older than the singer when they were together. Now that the couple is divorced, Usher is available for courting. His contagious smile compliments his smooth vocals have been proven on his recent appearance on a judge of NBC’s The Voice.

So... who do you think is Hollywood's next top bachelor?

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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