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shutterstock 164660732 CroppedAfter years of dreaming about redecorating your home, it's finally time - you get to overhaul your new home! Although it can be super exciting when you're choosing a new color scheme or picking out the perfect tile, there’s still a lot to think about. So while you’re busy setting up the budget and planning, here are some important home decor factors to remember. 

Forgetting About The Tech


Many older homes are not set with modern or hidden plug-ins, making charging cell phones and other tech devices a pain. For those techies, set aside some of the budget to put in hidden outlets on kitchen counters or in the floorboards. Trust us, your kids will love it. 

Buying the Entire Matching Set


Unlike how we decorated in the 1970s and 1980s, matching living room sets are out of date. Now piecing rooms together with coordinating, yet differing pieces give a room a more modern yet homey feel. Plus it’s much easier on the budget. 

Having Tons Of Knick Knacks Scattered Around


Reality TV lovers, remember when Brandi dissed Eileen’s home on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for it’s knick knack heavy décor? This TV drama is a great example of how too much small accents and decor can over-do even the most beautiful of homes. Veer away from Norman Bates chic, and embrace a more subdued look with a lot less. 

Don't Forget About Seating


After updating the floors and painting the walls a fresh color, don’t forget about seating! Nothing is worse than a beautiful room that you can't sit in and enjoy. 

Don't Ignore Architectural Details


A common décor no-no is ignoring a home’s architectural makeup. We’ve all seen an interior designer discover beautiful wood floors underneath some horrible carpet on our favorite home improvement show. Sometimes the best look for a home is embracing its natural shape and going with it. 


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