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home-tricks-when-you-cant-get-to-the-storeHere are tips and tricks when you can't make it to the grocery store.

We all have had it happen. Schedules get crazy as we cart our kids around to their many activities in addition to simply getting them to school and going to work ourselves. There are times when we cannot be "super woman." But there are times when we can "make lemonade out of lemons" and soldier on until we can make it to the grocery store. It's about thinking creatively about how to feed our kids and keep it real until we can set foot in the grocery store.

Here are practical ideas to help you survive until you can reach the grocery (or other) store.


Tips and Tricks if You Can't Get to the Store

  • Don't Know What to Make for Supper: Consider having a "leftover" or "cereal" night. Both help you first of all, save money and secondly feed your family something nutritious. But make sure the cereal is of the healthy category. No chocolate puff or fruity cereals, those are a "no no." Instead, think high fiber and protein.

  • No Soap: When you are in the shower, use shampoo as a body wash. It works great and you will likely smell better than if you used soap in the first place. In addition, dish-washing soap works well as a hand soap in bathrooms. Dilute to get extra mileage.

  • No dishwasher detergent: Consider putting a small amount of dish-washing soap, especially if it is concentrated into the dishwasher pocket. Trust me, the dishes will come out just fine. The other option (that I am not a fan of) is to do the dishes manually with the dishwashing soap.

  • Out of toilet paper: Napkins, napkins, napkins ladies. But be assured that you will definitely need to put a quota on how many to use with each visit to the bathroom or you will be swimming in a nightmarish mess!

  • No hair conditioner: If you are one of those women that just has to have conditioner (as I am), consider taking a body moisturizer or even facial moisturizer and apply it to the ends of your hair after showering. Perhaps it won't be ideal, but it is something and I have known women to do it to get them through the day without hair headaches.

  • Out of shampoo: Dish-washing liquid can work. Just make sure you fully rinse your hair or consider not washing your hair at all and put on a funky hat. Up your fashion prowess!

Are there any tips and tricks to hold you off until you can get to the store that you can add? We'd like you to share on Facebook or twitter!

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