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We lock our doors and turn off our appliances, but when it comes to having a "home safe home" we may be forgetting one of the most important parts of our housethe Wi-Fi.  

Nate Harrison, founder of home Wi-Fi system eero, shared his handy advice for creating a more secure wireless network in our homes. 

It's just not as simple as unboxing a router and hopping on. Harrison says with all kinds of devices, not to mention all of the different people using them at the same time, the family Wi-Fi box really needs to be a system, and that system needs a nice strong defense.

Pick A Fun Name For Your Network

Try to avoid calling your home system something like "the smiths," especially if your name is actually Smith. Pick a favorite place or TV show; have some fun with it. 


Change Your Password

This is the broken record of digital security, but there is a reason you hear it all the time. No addresses. No names. Please, please please, no birthdates! 

Use a Pass Phrase

When it comes to passwords, a good option is something called a pass phrase. It is a memorable sentence versus a single word. Use something unique to your family like, “We had a great vacation to Hawaii,” for example. Then make substitutions by replacing letters with numbers, use an abbreviation and throw in a symbol, exclamation point or asterisk. Sample pass phrase: B3stVacayHawa!!


Check Your Router Software

Make sure you have the latest router software. If you just said to yourself, "I didn't even know my router had software," then you really need to pay attention to this one. Most off-the-shelf routers are pushed to market so fast that they may not have received the latest software, and that means they may not have the latest virus and malware protections. The company will often release this part of the device in the form of a software update. That means you may have to download it from the website and install it to your system. 

Create Network User Profiles

Set up user profiles for every member of the family who uses the network. With these you can set up specific rules for internet access to regulate kids' usage. You can even program the entire network to eliminate Wi-Fi during times of the day when everyone is out of the house, eating dinner or sleeping.

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