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coastersHow to Make Homemade Coasters at Home

There are many ways you can make homemade coasters from the comfort of your own home.  All you need to do is find out what materials you have lying around that can be used. There are many options out there for you.  If you would like to make this a family activity, then it can be done as well since you have the children to help you decorate.  Creating the coasters together will bring the entire family’s touch to the house through the coasters they have decorated.  It is simple, and fun for everyone involved.  You can start today using items found around the house.

Frozen Orange Juice Lids

These are one of the best ways to make crafty homemade coasters for the home.  This is especially true if you enjoy drinking orange juice from frozen concentrate.  You will then be able to make your coasters for free using the lids you remove from the orange juice containers.  Be sure to completely clean the lids to be sure there is no orange concentrate left on them.  This will ensure they are not sticky, and will not get moldy over  time.  Now you are ready to decorate.  You can use glitter, glue, markers, and other craft accessories to decorate the coasters to your liking.  If you do not have children, and you would prefer a simplelook, then using stickers on the top and gluing felt on the bottom of your homemade coaster could be considered.  Using stickers and felt is one of the easier ways to go if you have kids, and it is quick and easy if you just want coasters right away, without having to go out and buy them.

Old CDs or DVD’s

This is one of the more time consuming summer coasters to make. You may need to press and dry products to place inside the coaster for a better look.  You should press the flowers or plants that you like the most, and purchase the laminating sheets or contact paper of your choice.  Next you could choose a picture that you like the most, and cut it into the shape you would like the coaster to be.  Usually an oversized circle will work, but any shape is fine as long as a glass or cup can fit on it.  Place the picture on top of the laminating paper in the middle.  You can then add the dried plants and flowers around it.  Add laminating paper over the top of the flowers and picture layering it like a sandwich.  Press both sides together firmly.  The coasters might be thin, but they will protect your tables from condensation left by drinks.  They are also nice decorations.

There are many things you can do to create the coasters that go perfectly with your home.  If you knit or sew, then you can make cozy coasters to place around the house.  All you need to do, is use your imagination and a little creativity. You will be on your way to placing coasters around your home in no time.  The internet is a good place to look to find additional ideas on coasters that can be made instead of purchased.  A lot of people look into making coasters for gifts and it is a great activity to do with children and a fun way for the children to give a gift they have made.  It makes everyone’s day to get homemade presents from the ones that they love.

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