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Homemakers are probably considered the most likely to be classified as the proverbial "coupon-clippers", but the truth of it is, all of us could greatly benefit from the use of homemade coupon organizers. Many people don't use coupons for a variety of reasons, whether it is because it seems the great deals are hard to find, or they just don't want to bother with spending time clipping, only to lose track of the coupons shortly after.

Need a Coupon Organizer? Do it Yourself!


The fact of the matter is using coupons ends up saving you a lot of money; and learning to make homemade coupon organizers or just buying a cheap coupon organizer from the store, will make it so much easier to keep track of all those money-saving coupons!

Homemade coupon organizers are actually fun to make, and can be relatively simple. If you use the following steps as a guide, you can be on your way to having the cutest homemade coupon organizer that you won't mind pulling out at the grocery store.

Homemade Coupon Organizer Materials

  • A2 envelopes (the thicker the better, and pick an odd number),
  • hot glue gun, a cute ribbon (make sure there is plenty of excess so that you can make it the length you want) and
  • six inch Popsicle sticks. An alternative to six-inch Popsicle sticks are bone folders, which come in various sizes, and might work better, however, they are more expensive.
  • You will also need labels, but you have to decide whether or not you want to handwrite the labels for the various coupon sections or if you want to type them up; either way you can use the same type of labels.
  • Also, you can make each section have subcategories by simply placing note cards to separate the various subsections.

There are many potential variations to this project, but for the sake of having a set example, let's say you're using seven envelopes, using the bone folder and you're creating the labels on the computer.

How to Make a Homemade Coupon Organizer

1. Taking the first two envelopes lay them down so one is right above the other. Then, flip up the flap of the second put a thin line of hot glue on the bone folder and around the flap and glue it to the first envelope. Aside from the first, repeat this step to all other envelopes.

2. Once, the glue has dried, you fold up the envelopes accordion style. The flap of the first envelope should serve as the cover for your almost completed homemade coupon organizer!

3. Then, take your ribbon to the very last envelope, and measure as wide as the ribbon is and then cut a slit on both sides (top and bottom) accordingly.

4. Next type up the seven desired labels; if you prefer, you can also make labels for the subcategories (e.g. Grocery Items- subcategory: Frozen, Regular; Household Items, Baby- subcategory: food, snacks, clothes, diapers; Other Shopping, Fast Food and Restaurants, Pharmacy, Entertainment,)

5. Place the labels where you prefer. File your coupons accordingly.

6. Fold up it up, loop the ribbon through, tie it shut and there you have it, your own homemade coupon organizer!

Just remember, it doesn't have to be complicated, regardless of which option you choose. If you decide to go the homemade route, there are tons of possible deviations from the example provided above, it's just a matter of your preference. And, if you decide to purchase coupon organizers, more power to you! Some people prefer not to hassle with homemade crafts; but just know that there are plenty of practical choices awaiting to take you and your coupons to the next step in organization!

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