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Homemade Group Halloween Costumes

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Costume Coordinating Goes Beyond Couples Costumes This Halloween

The new school year has begun, and if store displays are any indication, it’s time again to start thinking about Halloween costumes. A great, inexpensive way to celebrate the holiday is to dress as a group in homemade group costumes. Coming up with costume ideas for your kids, the whole family or even a group Halloween costume with co-workers doesn’t have to mean a trip to the costume store. Homemade group costumes can be as simple as assembling items and clothing you already have around the house, or adding a few accessories as a finishing touch.

Ideas for Homemade Group Halloween Costumes

The best group costume ideas are often the ones that are the easiest to put together. A great place to start is to think about pop culture. What are people talking about right now? Who is in the news? What shows or movies are making headlines? What shows or trends are big with kids right now? When it comes to being homemade, the easiest group costumes are those of real people.

Entertainment Inspired Group Costumes

Dressing like real people is an easy group costume idea because they can usually be put together with clothing you may already have in your home. The cast of recent Emmy Award Winning show Modern Family would be a great costume for a group of adults. These costumes would be easy and inexpensive to put together because for the most part it requires typical clothing that is probably already hanging in your closet. A group of friends could wear old bridesmaids or prom dresses and dress as contestants from “The Bachelor.” The cast of Jersey Shore, Big Brother or any other reality shows is a great place to start for a group costume idea. Some aprons and chef’s hats are all you’d need to be contestants from Top Chef or The Next Food Network Star. Dress is workout clothes smeared with real or fake mud and go as Wipeout contestants.

In order to include the kids, another quick group costume would be Alvin and the Chipmunks (including Dave). For the chipmunks costume only a red, blue and green sweater would be required. An iron-on or even glue-on letter “A” would need to be attached to the red sweater for Alvin and some round glasses for Simon. Dad can even dress up as Dave as simply as putting on some work clothes. Even your dog can be involved in an easy group costume idea by going as Brian, Lois, Peter, Stewie, Chris and Meg from Family Guy and again clothes that may already be in your closet are all you’d need. Classic characters like Charlie Brown and the Peanuts is another easy group costume idea.

If television is not your thing, a band or musical group is a fun place to start. Classics like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, or more recent groups like The Pussycat Dolls or The Blackeyed Peas.

General Group Costume Ideas

If dressing as a celebrity is not for you, your group can create easy and original matching costumes. Arriving with your group at a Halloween party dressed as Christmas Carolers is not only easy but will also get a good laugh. If you have any mix of leather and denim in your closets, your group can go as a biker gang. Dress in business suits and go as a morning news team. Another use for old bridesmaids’ dresses would be for a group of women could be pageant contestants.

A matching Halloween costume idea doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive and you are only limited by your imagination. Inspiration is all around you and by using clothes you most likely already have it couldn’t be easier. What a great way to include a group of people!

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