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Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox P

UDATE 6/20/15: There's been a press conference to discuss the state of Homer and Marge Simpson's allegedly rocky marriage.

As you all know by now, the show's executive producer Al Jean riled up the entire country and probably sent quite a few people to counseling by announcing that the beloved couple was headed to splitsville in the 27th season of The Simpsons.

Now Homer and Marge Simpson are finally laying the rumors to rest and everything feels right with the world again. America's favorite TV pair made an appearance on Fox's Animation Domination YouTube page under a banner that read "Together Forever."  Watch them discuss the rumors and their relationship below! 

Original story below: June 10, 2015

After 26 seasons of nuclear meltdowns, alien invasions, and spider pigs, the love has gone stale between Homer and Marge Simpson. The show's executive producer Al Jean announced in an interview with Variety that America's most recognizable couple will be calling it quits.

For those of us who grew up watching the family's shenanigans, The Simpson household offered a beacon of stability amidst the swirling chaos of our own lives. The two acted as a set of secondary parents who taught us the meaning of familial love and true acceptance of another. 

Homer's numerous physical and intellectual shortcomings always found balance in the enduring calmness of Marge. While it's difficult enough to imagine friction in the marriage, the thought of Homer or Marge with someone else is almost too painful to handle. Unfortunately, fans won't have to do much imagining since it was announced Homer will bounce back with a new love interest not long after his marriage of two and a half decades crumbles. 

Jean also announced that Lena Dunham will voice Homer's pharmacist and new love interest in the upcoming season. While it is difficult to believe anyone other than Marge could tolerate Homer's destructive helplessness, at least we wont have to see him grumbling over a Duff at Moe's. 

Al Jean didn't mention whether Marge would find love again or if the legal separation will last as long as their marriage did. Perhaps distance does make the heart grow fonder and our secondary family of oddly haired trouble makers will be made whole again. 

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