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A cup of coffee a day keeps the crazy coffee addiction at bay... That's how the saying goes right?

That's typically the truth for coffee drinkers who don't officially start their day until that cup o' joe is in their hand. There are a lot of unspoken truths actually about coffee many habitual drinkers would understand... like these hilariously accurate ones provided in infographics from the Bold Italic's Isla Murray.


From the time spent drinking a coffee versus waiting in line, to photographing said coffee to the consistent speed of baristas no matter how long the line is, the infographics detail some of the many experiences coffee drinkers can relate to.

Take, for instance, the state of being while drinking your morning cup.


You start out fuzzy, unable to really focus, you take your first few sips which are likely sloppy or spilling on you, but you drink it anyways. The slight caffeine buzz starts to kick in, a blast of caffeinated energy rushes through your body... then floods right out as you run for the bathroom. Sound familiar? We know.

But if you love coffee so much you're willing to put up with the fuss of long lines and burnt tongues, well enjoy and drink on.

Photo Credit: www.thebolditalic.com 

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