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hooking_up_washing_machineDo It Yourself Washer Hook Up Is Easy

While most women are experts in the laundry room—folding and sorting like goddesses of garments—actually installing new laundry appliances is unfamiliar territory. Fortunately, hooking up washing machine is less intimidating than it sounds.  You can hook it up yourself.  Many houses and apartments have a laundry room or closet that is ready and waiting to have a washer installed, requiring nothing more complicated than screwing a few hoses into place.

New Washer and Dryer?  Hook It Up Yourself!

New laundry appliances are more energy efficient and make those piles of smelly laundry a snap. If you have recently upgraded your laundry room, hooking up washing machine should be just as simple as sorting the towels from the t-shirts.

Make Sure Your Laundry Room Has Four Essential Things

  • Electrical outlet— Make sure the cord from the washing machine will comfortably reach the outlet in the wall.
  • Washer hookups— There should be two small taps for both hot and cold water, usually as part of a laundry sink or on the wall that will be directly behind the washing machine.
  • Drainpipe— This is usually a standing pipe in the wall near the water hookups. It drains the water away from the washing machine during normal use.
  • Floor drain— A small grate installed in the floor or a laundry pan complete with a drain are critical for minimizing damage in the unlikely event that your washer leaks.

Now look at the washer itself. It should have come with hoses that will connect it to the plumbing for the washing machine.   Make sure the hoses will reach. If they don't, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer or visit a home improvement store to acquire longer hoses.

Installing a Washer

Once you've made sure your laundry room is ready, you can follow these simple steps for installing a washer.

  1. Attach the hoses to the back of the washer first. They should screw into place easily. Make sure they're tightened snugly.
  2. Connect the hoses to the washer hookups in the wall. The taps should be clearly marked with red for hot and blue for cold. Again, make sure you twist them tightly into place, but not too tight. You don't want to strip the threads from the fittings.
  3. The drain hose may already be attached to your washer. If not, use a hose clamp to secure it in place. Then feed the hose from the washer into the drain pipe.
  4. Now turn on the taps and check to make sure nothing is leaking.
  5. Once you've finished the above steps, you can gently scoot your washer closer to the wall. Be careful not to kink or smash the hoses. The washer should have an inch or two of space around it to allow for it to vibrate. Also, make sure the washer is level. If it's not, many come with adjustable feet.
  6. Finally, run the washer through a short cycle without any clothing or detergent to clear the pipes and hoses and double check for any leaks.

If you do run into any complications, don't hesitate to consult your user manual or call the manufacturer. Now that you have successfully finished hooking up washing machine, feel free to sit back and ask someone else to sort colors and scoop soap. You've earned the break.

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