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Want to host an awesome party but don't feel like spending a day in the kitchen getting ready? Get the friends together for an appetizer or dessert exchange! It sounds as simple as it's titled - everyone brings their favorite starters and sweet treats and then the tasting begins! 

How to Plan a Food Exchange

  1. Send out invitations and tell everyone to make a platter of their favorite appetizers or cookies. 
  2. Tell them to write down what appetizer or type of cookie they will bring on the invitation when they RSVP. 
  3. Everyone should bring an extra plate so they have a plate to take a spread of the Appetizer-Dessert-6919appetizers or cookies home with them. So, make sure you let your guests know!
  4. Have everyone bring a bunch of copies of the recipe card so people can make your appetizer or cookie anytime! 
  5. Set up extra tables for all the platters of food. 
  6. Of course provide drinks, such as champagne, wine, beer, mixed drinks but also put out soda or juice.
  7. Decorate. Light some candles, play some music, and buy cute plates and napkins. 
  8. Think of some fun games or contests to play, just like any dinner party!

An appetizer or dessert exchange is a great way to mix up your night. The stress free evening is extra easy since there is no cooking or baking on your part and of course; it’s a fun way to party!

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