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16879 FallFestMain

Does your town hold an annual fall festival with big crowds and expensive food and drinks? Why not skip the aggravation and host your own fall festival at your house and invite just your friends, family and neighbors?

Here's how you can host a fun autumn party in just a few simple steps. It all starts with delicious food, autumn-inspired beverages and perfect fall games that will be tons of fun for children and adults alike! 

Food and Drinks

16879 FoodandDrinks

Fall beer tasting: Dedicate a table to different fall inspired beers so people can test different kinds! 

Hot chocolate bar: Have another table serve as the hot chocolate bar. This is perfect for children too! Serve all the fixings, such as caramel, whipped cream and sprinkles! 

Pumpkin serving bowl: Turn a carved pumpkin into a festive bowl for serving chips. You could also do the same to a smaller pumpkin for dip! 

Punch: For those not wanting alcohol but want something cold, dump the best of fall into a punch bowl, such as ginger ale, apple cider, oranges and cinnamon sticks. 

Slow cooker soup: Use a large slow cooker and make a large amount of stew, squash soup or any other autumn-inspired dish. 

Fall desserts: Put out some warm apple pies, pumpkin spice pancakes or decorated sugar cookies for fall. Keep it simple and festive! 

Pumpkin ice cream floats: Instead of the classic root beer and vanilla ice cream, put a twist on this classic dessert and use pumpkin pie cream! 


16879 FallDecor

Halloween, if you choose: Since you’ll probably have décor out for autumn and Halloween, try incorporating it some how! Move your décor to the backyard just for the party. You can hang ghosts or other décor from tree branches. 

Pumpkins: An obvious choice! Go with different sizes, colors (white pumpkins are adorable too) and even use some gourds.

Décor in the ground: Got some welcome signs or other décor items that go in the ground? These are perfect for windy weather and you can arrange them in a creative way with your pumpkins.

Flowers: Mums are the way to go for outdoor flowers for the fall. There are a ton of different mum colors so coordinate with your décor and go with colors like white, yellow and purple! 

Gardening tools: You’re likely not using your gardening tools anymore so incorporate them into your décor and table décor. 


16879 FallGames

Bobbing for apples: This may get messy, even chilly if it’s cold out, but bobbing for apples is always a classic fall game! 

Pumpkin carving: Have different tables with various sized pumpkins, stencils and tools. You could even host a contest for the best one! 

Bonfire: Toast marshmallows over a bonfire with your guests for a warm nighttime gathering! 

Make your own scarecrow: Set up different stations with all materials needed to create a scarecrow. This is a fun activity that people will get to take home with them! 

Kiddie games: Put out a kiddie table with board games, coloring books and even mini pumpkins they can decorate. 

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