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hosting-a-flashback-party-headerRegular parties are so dull; have a flashback party theme instead! 

Do you have a favorite era? Maybe the 70's, 80's or 90's? Or the 30's or 40's?

Whatever time period was your favorite, have that be the theme of your next party! That's right, host a flashback party!  Ordinary parties are can be dull, so spice up the evening with a flashback party. Your friends and families will love how creative the idea is and will love to leave the 2000s and party hard in a past era! Revisit the old movies, music, and clothing.

What You’ll Need To Throw A Decade Bash

  • MOVIES: You gotta watch a movie or two from the era of your choice! If you decide to have a 50's flashback party, watch There’s No Business Like Show Business or Some Like it Hot to get a little Marilyn Monroe action goin’!  If you love the 80's, make sure you throw in some John Hughes movies like Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club.
  • MUSIC: If you decide to have a 90's flashback party, play the greatest hits from the 90's and have all your guests dancing to the songs they loved so much! You’ll all start singing along and won’t believe that you still remember all the words! How about N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, or Britney Spears? Eminem anyone? The Savage Garden?
  • CLOTHING: Want to have an 80's flashback? The clothing choices will be a blast! You’ll need big hair, tight pants, spandex, bright colors, legwarmers and more! 
  • DECORATIONS: For a 70's party; decorate your place like a disco club! Include a disco ball, a black and white floor, and lots of fuzzy green furniture pieces or purple pillows. Don't forget the beaded curtains. What a blast! 
  • FOOD: Have everyone bring their favorites. Bake some cookies and decorate them according to your era.  If you are throwing a 70's party, make a tie dye cake or whip up some colorful frostings for sugar cookies. You could also serve rainbow sherbert.
  • MAKEUP/NAILS: Bring yourself back to the days when you were teens and had sleepovers. Whatever era you were a kid in, do each other’s makeup and nails. 
  • PHOTOS: Have all your guests bring photos of themselves, parents, or grandparents from your chosen era. Share them and reminisce! 
  • PARTING GIFTS: When your guests leave, give them a gift back of goodies from your era.  If you are having a 90's party, include a yo-yo, some gak, glow sticks, some pogs and maybe even some Big League Chew gum or Shocktarts.
  • INVITATIONS: Make your own invitations with creative stamps, photos, etc. from the era!

Big or small, any party can have a flashback theme. So, pick your favorite era and follow this list of things you’ll need for hosting a flashback party and do it up big; like your hair from the 80s! 

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