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Hosting an Ornament Exchange Party

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hosting-an-ornament-exchange-partyAre you known for your holiday parties but want to do something extra special this year? Or do you want to start a holiday tradition and throw the best and most festive holiday party every year?

Throw an ornament exchange party that gives you a chance to enjoy the holidays with friends and family and gives every guest a new ornament for their tree at home! Here are some steps for throwing the perfect ornament exchange party...

Invitations: Send out invitations and request an RSVP so you can get an idea of a head count. Specify on the invitation that each attending guest needs to bring one ornament. You can also indicate a spending cap. 

Décor: A good time to plan your party is in the beginning of December. That way, more people will be able to attend. Make sure to have your tree up and decorated and have some fun with the prime party rooms such as the kitchen, living room and dining area. Get into the spirit with some DIY décor! 

Food: Host your party in the evening and instead of cooking a large meal, just put out a bunch of appetizers, finger foods and desserts. Put out some spinach balls, veggies and dip, and mini desserts like petit fours, homemade mint cake or tiramisu! 

Games: When ladies get together, there’s always chatting and drinking but you can also plan some fun games for the holidays to get everyone in the spirit like holiday bingo or karaoke! 

Drinks: Make some holiday drinks or take requests from guests for some festive beverages. Always offer some nonalcoholic beverages. How about a cinnamon martini, gingerbread lattes or eggnog? 

Ornament exchange fun: You have a few options for this. You can tell guests to buy an ornament, wrap it and then add stickers when they arrive to the wrapped packages with a number. Then, give the guests a number (not the same as their ornament’s number) and then they can grab their corresponding wrapped ornament.

Or, put out a mini tree and have guests place their unwrapped ornament on the tree. Put slips of paper in a bowl with numbers and have each guest draw a number. In order, each guest goes to the tree and selects an ornament. 


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