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6 Award-Winning Place Settings

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six-award-winning-place-settingsTurn your red carpet awards show viewing into a luxe dinner party!

When you’re watching a star-studded event on TV, it can be hard not to want to wine and dine like the celebs. So why not have some friends over and have your own viewing party with an award-winning meal to serve! Make the dinner table a comfortable place to dine yet transform it into the main Oscar floor where all the "stars" sit too.

Keeping up the classic red and gold of the Oscars, choose a sophisticated table setting that won’t clash. Here’s how to score an award-winning place setting for your red carpet dinner.

Red Carpet Dinner Place Settings

  1. Find a simple black and white table cloth to place on the table.
  2. Place white flowers in a black vase.
  3. Use gold silverware.
  4. Add a few embellishments to the table such as glasses with gold or other accents to the rim or stem as well as plates with a gold trim.
  5. Place faux jewels on the table and around a black table napkin for the glamorous attendees who wear real diamonds
  6. Have mini-Oscar or Emmy awards to give out as party favors.

What would you have at your awards show viewing party? Share your glam ideas with us on Facebook and Twitter, or snap a pic for Instagram and Pinterest!

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