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Drink Ideas For an Oscars Party VIDEO

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drink-ideas-to-serve-at-oscars-chocolate-martini-videoFind out what beverages to serve at your Oscar-themed awards party.

Every red carpet party has to have a few key elements to make it stellar. You need the staging for the entrance, fabulous food, a great table setup, and of course, the bar. Here's what to serve at the bar at a red carpet party.


Red Carpet Party Bar

Serve champagne for an awards show party like the Academy Awards and other grandiose Red Carpet party. A rosé champagne is a great choice for a red carpet party because of the slight tint of color, which looks dazzling sitting in a glass.


Depending on your favorite film that’s up for an award, you can make a movie-inspired drink, like a chocolate martini for The Wolf of Wall Street. Little touches like sprinkles of edible gold dust make all the difference.


You can get your lights, camera and action in champagne glass or another drink of your choice for your Red Carpet event!

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