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Photo Credit: Instagram 

Instagram is a great place to go if you’re into photography, cooking, crafting and now, hotties reading. Head to @hotdudesreading, a brand new account, which features pictures of hot dudes reading. Doesn’t sound too thrilling? Just wait until you see some of these pics. 


A photo posted by @hotdudesreading on

The account was activated this month and has only ten photos of very attractive men reading. Want to put your man on there? Tag @hotdudesreading or email your pics to hotdudesreading@gmail.com. The guidelines? He’s gotta be hot, he’s gotta be reading and he can’t use a Kindle. 

Take one of the photos for example of a hottie reading on the subway with the caption: "Look at this Casual Casanova. He doesn't know it yet but that book is all about how personal interaction is essential to city life. If only he'd look up from those pages. I want that beanie on my bedroom floor. #TheDeathAndLifeOfGreatAmericanCities #hotdudesreading."


A photo posted by @hotdudesreading on

While most of the photos on the page are of hotties on the subway, we are sure you can find some hotties in your city to nominate. Happy sexy nerd hunting! 

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