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While advertising and marketing campaigns are pushing the rise of dads pitching in when it comes to household choresjust look at commercials for Samsung (seen above) and Whirlpoolit is still clear that women dominate when it comes to the ins and outs of home care.

For chores in the laundry room, it's women who are still doing the heavy lifting, but here is some news that will make "her" smilemen are doing more than in the past.

17795-22-Laundry-StatYouGov Analysis Institute broke down the work and worry that goes into home clothing care on a daily basis and (shocker!) it turns out the stats are closer than you would think.

The leading research firm also noted when it comes to the "necessity" of stain removal, men (only 23%) cared much less than the women (40%). Women are so obsessed with getting rid of stains that almost half will wash one piece of clothing three or more times trying to get a stain out.

17795-couple-washer-brunetteThree out of 10 women said it is important to have a stain removal product on hand at all times for any "stain emergency" that might pop up. For men, less than half felt the same way. Women, especially moms, were far more likely to have a stain product in their purse, according to Anne Gammon, an associate director with market research company YouGov Analysis Institute. 

Gammon says what surprised them was the focus by both men and women on stains versus smells when it came to washing. The same was not true when parents were surveyed. YouGov researchers found the parents were more concerned with smelly clothes, and felt they deserved some slack when it came to stains on their kids' clothes. 

In the YouGov survey, it turns out the topic that got the most hits from women (and men) was "invisible" stains. More than half of the women and more than a third of the men admitted they were concerned about what you can't see, like the dreaded armpit stains. Who knew? 

The good news for women is that there were a lot of men who answered a lot of questions about laundry. In the end, it seems quite a few of them even care about the same laundry problems women do. (Winning!) 

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