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beyonces-60-lbs-weight-loss-tipsBeyonce Loses 60 lbs. and Looks Great!

You know, it really makes a woman want to puke.  Having given birth just under five months ago, Beyonce Knowles, named the "most beautiful woman in the world," is looking great!  We know, we know.  Celebrities may seem to have it easier than us.  For they can hire personal trainers, nutritionists and babysitters.  They can get a little "nip" and "tuck" without it even denting their pocketbooks.  On the flip side, they have to live with outside criticism about their weight.  They get to see themselves in an unflattering light all over the magazine covers.  It would be difficult not to have your feelings hurt with what is out there.  It is a trade off.  But Beyonce Knowles looks like she's doing it right.  Here is what sBeyonce Knowles did to lose the baby weight.

Beyonce Weight Loss

The beautiful, talented singer Beyonce Knowles, recently returned to the stage for the first time since 2011 during her three-night performance in Atlantic City, New Jersey at Revel's Ovation Hall.  And she looked amazing, claiming that after her performance Saturday night that she was going to get "chocolate wasted!" 

Beyonce has reported been working out with trainer, Marco Boarges.  Together they do plyometric moves, as well as lunges and lots of cardiovascular exercise.  She works out with him five days a week.  In addition, Beyonce Knowles eats whole foods, such as grilled, lean meats and vegetables.  She is quick to say that dieting to lose baby weight doesn't mean you have to eat that stereotypical boring, raw veggie.  Instead, Beyonce  says to be smart about your food intake and make sure that you are exercising.

Last August, Beyonce Knowles announced at the MTV Video Music Awards that she and Jay-Z were going to have a baby.  At the music awards she sang Love on Top and rubbed her growing tummy.  She was actually five months along, and her news broke tweeting records for the most tweets per second (8,868).  And that year the MTV Video Music Awards was the most watched in the history of MTV.  Consequently, her record sales even increased and Google reports that searches were everywhere on the Internet for more information.

Beyonce's Baby: Blue Ivy Carter

Beyonce Knowles gave birth January 7 of 2012 to a baby girl.  The couple named her "Blue Ivy Carter."  A few days later, Jay-Z released a new single called "Glory," which was a dedication to Blue and the couple's miscarriage and pregnancy struggles.   Most interesting is at the end of the song, little Blue Ivy Carter cries, making her the youngest cherub to be involved in a song that ended up on the billboards.

Beyonce Knowles is currently working on two new albums and has been co-writing and producing with The-Dream.  She also began her post-baby performances in mid March, so she is back to work!         

How Beyonce Lost Her Baby Weight

  • If you are breastfeeding, tell your doctor about your weight loss concerns.  Ask your doctor how many calories you should have while nursing and how you can tweak them to take off the pounds.  When women that breastfeed cut too many calories, it compromises milk supply.  And of course, you do not want that!

  • It's all about counting calories and getting active once again.  If you are not breastfeeding, find out how many calories it takes just for your body to function.  Websites such as "Calorie Count" and "healthyweightforum.com" can give you a good idea and calculate based on your basil metabolism and how active you are, how many calories you should be eating each day.  Keep a food diary.  And get out there and exercise!

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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