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watching-television-hurting-your-sleeping-headerFor a good night sleep, you must turn off that television! 

Trying to catch up on your favorite TV series? Turns out all that binge-watching TV could be hurting your sleep. According to a recent new survey, people who watch multiple movies or TV shows in one sitting, go to bed way later. It’s no surprise that your new TV series addiction is affecting your sleep! For a good night sleep, turn off that new blockbuster or TV series and hit the sack! 

Why TV Hurts Your Sleeping Pattern 

According to the recent survey, 82 percent of the 200 people polled went to sleep at a much later time when they would watch multiple shows or movies at once. Using technology period before bed is a no-no according to numerous studies. That includes texting in bed too! 

The most common shows for binge-TV watching are Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, and The Office, according to the survey. So, stay away from these shows at night or watch them in the morning! Sources say that you should shy away from technology more than an hour before you plan to hit the sack. 

55 percent of people in the study say that they lose up to two to three hours of sleep a night when they binge-watch. 18 percent said it's claimed up to four to five hours of sleep, 9 percent say they lose six to seven hours of sleep and 8 percent said they've lost eight or more hours of sleep a night. Wow! Sleep soundly tonight and turn off the TV, cellphone and iPad! 




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