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how-do-i-download-music-onto-a-mp3How Do I Download Music onto an MP3 Player?

When President Obama gave Queen Elizabeth II an IPod, it wasn’t merely the gadget that made it a gift fit for royalty. It was the pictures and music that were thoughtfully downloaded as reminders of her previous visits to our side of the Atlantic that made it a special commemorative.

Before you decide what color gift paper you are going to use to wrap that new MP3 player for the royalty in your life, you need to ask yourself, “how do I download music onto an MP3 player?”  We have the answer.

How to Download Music onto a MP3

1. Know the Receiver's Computer

First of all, make sure you know what kind of computer the receiver is going to use to manage their music and images: is it a Mac or PC?  If you download the MP3s with a Mac, the recipient will not be able to manage the library on their MP3 player with a PC or vice versa. In fact they would have to re-format the MP3 player before using it on their own computer.  Unfortunately this would result in erasing anything you've downloaded for them in their process of re-formatting.

2. Download Software

Once that’s all sorted, you will need to download the software that came with the MP3 player. The software will walk you through it and usually it’s as easy as agreeing to the terms and conditions of using the software. If there is no software that came with the MP3, you will be able to find the software online. The instruction manual should have the website of where to get the MP3 file management software.

3. Choose Music

Now restart the computer and decide what music you would like to download. The options of where to get the music are limitless. I have been downloading music onto my MP3 player from a file sharing network called limewire dot com. I have other friends that like to download music from itunes, rhapsody or napster. The cost for downloads is usually around 99 cents a song. Free download specials are available and sometimes you can find free downloads on artist or label sites as promotional deals!

The most common music I want to download onto my MP3 player is usually “ripped” from my own CD collection. Although most music on the web is already in MP3 format, you will have to convert music from CD into MP3 files to be compatible with the MP3 player. This is a pretty simple process with today’s MP3 file managing software. Just insert the CD with the music you want to download onto your MP3 player and see if your MP3 file management software opens on its own. If it doesn’t open automatically, then open the software manually. Look for any function having to do with “importing” the CD into the library inside the computer. In most cases you will be able to click and drag certain songs around the library so that you can customize what music you want to download into the MP3 player.

4. Load MP3

Finally when you want to download the music from your computer to the MP3 player, connect a USB cable from your computer to the new device. Again you will probably be able to use drag and click download functions to put whatever files or music you wish into the MP3 player.
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