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food-textures-perception-on-caloriesFind out if smooth textured foods are higher in calories than crunchy foods! 

It’s obvious that a crunchy piece of celery is better for us than a bowl of creamy mashed potatoes full of butter. But according to a recent study, those textures are what help us discern the calories. The study was done at the University of South Florida, the University of Michigan and Columbia University. They found that people tend to associate smoother and softer foods with higher calorie counts and crunchier and harder foods with lower calorie counts

The Food Texture Study

The study found that people tend to think that soft and smooth foods have higher calorie amounts than hard and rough foods. The feel of food in your mouth also known as mouthfeel, or "oral haptics" affects your perception of that food’s calorie count.

Five experiments were done. One of them involved participants watching TV ads while eating bite-sized pieces of brownies. Half of the brownies were soft and the other half hard. More of the participants chose to eat the soft brownies but when the researchers asked them how many calories they thought were in the brownies, more participants turned to eating the harder pieces.

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