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mom-making-lunch-jodi-horizonPacking lunches during back-to-school season isn’t stressful thanks to Horizon snacks.

If you’re like me, you like to send your kids off to school with a delicious lunch that they’ll love to eat. I know I put a lot of effort into my kids’ lunches and of course, with three kids, it’s not easy task when they all want something different. Can’t two out of the three want the same thing? Ah, rhetorical question.

I like to have my kids help make their lunches—at least when it comes to making decisions about what goes into their lunch boxes. I find that when kids get a voice in their own meals, you have a better shot at pointing them in the direction of good choices.

When it comes to lunch boxes, I like to spice things up. One of my boys will never (and I mean, never) deviate from the standard cheese sandwich on challah bread, so he’s pretty easy to please. My other son is more adventurous: he loves hummus, turkey wraps, things that can be dipped, and pretty much anything you can put in front of him. My daughter is more of a snacker and likes a lot of little things in her lunch (more like a sampler) than a standard sandwich. This sounds sophisticated, but it really just translates into more chopping and dicing fruits and veggies for mom.

All three of my kids love fruit (different kinds, of course), so when it comes to snacks, that part is easy. One gets an apple, one loves (loves!) strawberries, and the other is all about tangerines (which he had better learn to peel himself because these full-service efforts are killing me every single day!) But I digress.


I always add in a second snack such as Horizon Snack Grahams (a winner with all three) or some carrot sticks or pretzels. I think the crunch factor really satisfies kids (I know it works for grown-ups), so there’s always a little something in there for them.

And finally, the kids are all milk drinkers, so this is the easy part. I send each of them off with Horizon white or chocolate milk boxes. The single serving sizes are easy to stash and I can feel good that they are getting delicious, organic milk every single day.

I’ll be honest, I’ve also fallen into the habit of bringing along a snack for my kids during parent pick-up. I don’t know how this habit started, but it’s still a part of our routine and my go-to choice is always a Horizon Organic® Single Serve Milk Box. I pop one of these in their car seat cup holders, maybe a few Horizon snack grahams, so no wonder they are more than thrilled to see me in the parent pick-up line.

If you’re looking for new ways to build a better lunch box, think Horizon Organic® Milk Boxes and delicious snack grahams or crackers. Your kids will love digging into lunch every day.

This post is sponsored by Horizon Organic®.

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