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how-many-people-does-a-sheet-cake-feedHow Much Cake Do I Need For a Crowd?

Lots of people initially go straight into panic mode when faced with having to cater for a party or function that requires having to determine not only what type of menu to serve but how much food they will actually need. Relax.The typical question when you finally get things sorted out and have decided on a simple buffet of stress free easy to organize party food choices usually concerns the celebration cake. Just how many people does a sheet cake feed

A Full Sheet Cake Feeds 96: 4 Sq. inches of Cake Apiece (2 x 2)

There certainly must be a lot of people catering parties these days, because according to Google "How many people does a sheet cake feed?" is  really a very popular question being asked!  Catering isn't that difficult when you take a step back and break the entire feast up into smaller portions.

An average sheet cake serving size is around 2 square inches (2" X 2") but this can vary. Firstly are you feeding an army of ravenous football players that will devour huge gorilla-sized portions in record time or is the sheet cake being made for the slimmer's club winner of the year convention? Chances are these lovely ladies won't be fighting their way over to the table for a second slice even though there's bound to be lots of left over cake! Determining the answer to the question how many people does a sheet cake feed isn't too difficult.

Well...common sense please people! You're really not intending to serve dieting ladies cake are you?  But it does make sense to ask yourself, what else are they eating along with or before eating the cake.  You can choose between 2 x 2 or a 2 x 3 cuts of cake.  Ice cream along with; consider the smaller slice!

Getting back to answering the question at hand, sheet cakes do come in various sizes with the typical homemade variety usually made in a 9"x13" baking dish. If you opt for a readymade bakery sheet cake it can be three or four times this size. No doubt the bigger the cake the more people it will feed! Goes without reason! It's not rocket science.

How many people does a sheet cake feed? Approximate depending upon the cut.

  • 1/4 sheet cake 9" x 13" = 12 to 20 servings
  • 1/2 Sheet cake 13" x 18" = 30 to 48 4 servings
  • Full Sheet cake 24" x 16" = 60 to 96 servings
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