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How Many Teen Pregnancies Are There in A Year?

The most frightening part of being the parent of a teenager is the statistical report on how many teen pregnancies there are each year.  According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (NCPTP), approximately 1 million young women and men between the ages of 15 and 19 will become teen parents each year.  But what's even more frightening is the fact that over 500,000 of these teenaged pregnancies are expected to occur to American teenagers.

The fact that there are an outstanding number of teen pregnancies each year warrants the urgency to focus on reducing these numbers for the long haul. While most parents are working to maintain an open line of communication as an effort to deter teens from sex and the possibility of teen pregnancies, this practice has not reduced American pregnancy rates thus far and researchers say there's a possibility it wont have a dramatic effect on the rate for some time to come.

According to NCPTP even with preventive measure nearly 45% percent of these annual pregnancies will be American teens. So even thought there's a sharp decline in the annual teen pregnancy rates globally since the last massive increase reported in the 1990s.  When compared to the global number of teen pregnancies each year, American teens will out rank any other countries pregnancy rate statistically by at least 10 - 15% percent when factoring in the number components.

Researchers on the other hand are also counting in the fact that other countries may report an even lower annual teen pregnancy rate since they fail to generalize statistics to include religious or cultural factors that may force teens to marry and conceive.  This means that some cultures and countries do not count some married teens into the equation that make up the statistical numbers reported on how many teen pregnancies there are each year.

Sadly, however, even after factoring statistical data to include the religious and cultural components of the forced marriage ratio with unwed teen pregnancies, American teens still out ranked these cultures by nearly 7% percent, when averaged from 1,000 sexually active American teenagers.

Researchers believe this is because the United States is a melting pot of cultures, religions and practices, which encompass the same traditions of early teen marriage and conception. Coupled with irresponsibly sexually active teens the American teen pregnancy rate will continue to rank higher than any other region each year without question.

So now the question is how many teen pregnancies are there each year for American teens?  To answer this question, researchers mapped out a global formula that basically counts the overall number of pregnancies excluding pregnancies that resulted in a live birth.

These numbers account for 35% percent of the total number of teen pregnancies over all.  Now when you factor in the number of live births to this statistical data, you'll find that more American teens are becoming pregnant and going full term. So this raises the number of American teen pregnancies each year by another 10% percent on average.

The biggest factor to determining an average annual teen pregnancy rate in America is by also factoring in the number of teen parents that have more than one child during their teenage years.  On average according to the NCPTP research, 25 percent of teen mothers will experience pregnancy again within the following two years after the first child.

Therefore, when you count the number of teen pregnancies plus the total number of live births with the total number of repeat pregnancies, American teen pregnancies reach up to and over in years past, an astounding 675,000 pregnancies each year.

Talking openly to teens about sex and pregnancy is one of the recommended deterrents to teen pregnancy.  And since most teens have their first sexual encounter as early as the age of 13, this means having the sex talk  with your child as early as the age of 9 or 10 may help to reduce these numbers in the future according to researchers.

The hard facts about the number of teen pregnancies each year, boils down to this: there will always be a higher percentage of American teen pregnancies annually regardless of the prevention methods.

As long as American families willfully expose sex and the popularity of teen pregnancies, by way of accessible mediums like the TV, Internet and movies like "Juno," which glorifies the essence of teen pregnancy we will see these kinds of statistical patterns.  Not to say "Juno' was a bad movie, but let's face it, it portrayed and unrealistic comedic view of an obvious solution that's not so funny, to the option of teen pregnancy after the fact.  Prevention means before!

The old adage "it takes a village to raise a child "is true especially with the Internet. Help with the reduction of American teen pregnancies by stating your views. In hopes that your opinions and solutions will empower other parents and teens before it's too late, try speaking out on an online forum like this one and state views that could help support prevention of teen pregnancy.

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