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Typically, cheating on your partner is seen as a big no-no, but with movies and TV shows focusing on promiscuity and flirting with danger, maybe the traditional views on cheating aren't so standard anymore. A survey of 1,000 people by USA Network found out some not so happily ever after results about how men and women really feel about cheating that may shock you.

Apparently, cheating isn't so terrible... if you don’t get caught. In the survey, 82 percent of people said they have zero tolerance for cheating in their relationships, but 81 percent said they would cheat if there were no consequences.

Eighty-one percent of people surveyed said they would cheat if there were no consequences.

A little more than half of people polled said they believe there are justifiable reasons to cheat, whether due to an extreme unhappiness in a relationship or if the infidelity occurs with a celebrity crush. According to the survey, the most accepted reason to justify cheating was to get back at a significant other who was unfaithful first.

The survey also found that cheating is less difficult in the digital age. Eighty six percent of those polled confirmed that the Internet or texting makes cheating easier.

When it comes to fantasizing about someone other than your partner, 19 percent of men and 13.5 percent of women admitted they've developed romantic feelings for someone they follow online but don't know in real life, such as a celebrity. Additionally, 48 percent of those polled said they don't feel any guilt about fantasizing about someone else.

A big takeaway from the survey, was that in today's society monogamy is not thought of as something that is entirely realistic. The majority of people in the survey agreed that monogamy is a "social expectation but not a biological reality," while 45 percent of people said that multiple long-term partners would be more realistic. Plus, one out of five men said they prefer a "monogamish" relationship. Um, what does that mean guys?

What’s your opinion on cheating? Do you agree with these views on cheating?

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