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how-much-sleep-should-children-get-videoIt’s time to put your sleepy-head to bed. But, how many hours should kids really be getting? 

Six to eight hours is the amount of shut-eye adults need. But, we don’t always follow that rule with our hectic lives.

What about our kids? How much sleep should children get? Andrea Metcalf, lifestyle expert, talked to a child sleep expert to find out how many hours of sleep kids need each night


Hours of Sleep Needed for Infants and Kids 

  • Infants usually sleep 16-18 hours a day, but it’s not in one chunk of time, as all mothers know! Babies that are around three months old need about five hours of sleep during the day and 10 hours at night. As the baby grow to be around six months old, they would need about three and a half hours of sleep during the day.
  • Toddlers need two hours of sleep during the day and around 11 at night. Even third through sixth graders need that much sleep at night. And, high school kids need that much sleep too, even though many don’t get that. 

Make sure your baby, child and even teenager are well rested each day with this guide for how many hours of sleep kids need and keep them alert and refreshed- that way, you will be more alert too! 

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