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Want to seem more attractive to the opposite sex? Science has a recommended amount of alcohol you should drink in order to look more attractive to the opposite sex. When they say moderation is key, they aren’t kidding! 

According to a recent study done by the University of Bristol’s School of Psychology, all you need to do is drink one very large glass of wine and you’re on your way to looking darn good. 

The researchers talked to 40 straight men and women and conducted an attractiveness-rating exercise. Then they were shown three images of a person, one taken while the subject was sober, one after the subject drank 250 ml of wine, and one after the person drank 500 ml of wine, which is about two-thirds of a bottle. 

The results? The most attractive subject was the one who drank 250 ml of wine, which is equal to about one large glass. Those who drank 500 ml were considered the least attractive. That's definitely a good reason to drink in moderation. 

You know that facial flushing you get when have a drink or two? According to researchers, this is one of the reasons men find a woman attractive after having one glass of wine. Also, the muscle relaxation and smiles that come from having a drink make you more attractive as well.

Moral of the story? Make sure to close your tab after one drink.  

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