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A new line of nail polish may be able to detect date rape drugs in your drink.

Your mani may soon have the ability to protect you from sexual assault. A new line of nail polish colors has the ability to detect rohypnol more commonly known as the "date rape drug" in your cocktail. 

Undercover Colors is a new nail polish that changes color when it’s exposed to date rape drugs. The nail polish line has won this year’s Lulu eGames, a competition for students that create projects or inventions aimed at solving real-world problems.

This fashionable and potentially lifesaving invention was created by four chemistry students at North Carolina State University. On their Facebook page they wrote, "Our goal is to invent technologies that empower women to protect themselves from this heinous and quietly pervasive crime.”

How does this fancy polish work? By wearing the nail polish, a woman can stir her finger polished in Undercover Colors in her cocktail. If the drink has been laced with date rape drugs, her nail polish will alert her by changing colors.

The all male team said they were inspired to invent the nail polish after hearing about a recent study, that estimated 18 percent of American women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.

"They are our daughters, they are our girlfriends, and they are our friends," they wrote on their Facebook page.

Although the nail polish is still in beginning stages, it’s an ingenious way for a woman to fend off sexual assault. It’s also a subtle way for women to figure out if someone is trying to drug them; many women already manicure their nails so it’s an inconspicuous way to detect if something is wrong.

The team is currently accepting donations to fund their research and for the development of the polish.

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