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The common thought about social media is that it distracts us and keeps us up late, but new studies say that social media is actually good for us! Specifically, social media can actually be good for us physically and mentally. So keep on tweeting and use some more hashtags while your at it.  

5 Ways Social Media is Actually Good For Us

Helps Us Lose Weight 

New studies show that social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook offer obese or overweight individuals free support from doctors and peers to lose weight. It allows them to feel a part of a community and it’s a more practical day-to-day approach to losing weight. 

Helps Our Businesses and Careers 

Having a successful career or business makes us feel better about ourselves. Social media is huge way to boost your business. People can use social media platforms, blogs and their website. Social media can also help our careers by connecting us to the perfect fit when job hunting. Networking is key! 

Makes Us Feel Important 

You may be looking for your soul mate online and social media is a great way, if done safely, to find that person. You can reconnect with old friends. You can meet new people. You can connect with new classmates at college. All these things make us feel important and less lonely. 

Immediate Information 

Social media provides us with instant answers, immediate information, and instant access to news. It helps us feel more connected to each other and what’s going on in the world and feel smarter; it allows people to connect on important issues. 

Gets Everyone Involved 

It allows people to get involved in the issues most important to them, such as fundraisers or donating to a cause. Giving back makes us happy and feel that we are a vital part of the world. And although cyber bullying is a huge problem for kids and teens, it can also provide a place for them to voice their opinions. 


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