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Being on the go is no excuse for taking a pass on lunch. In fact, some of the most successful women in the world use that hour (if they're lucky) or at least 30 minutes to make sure to take lunch and rule the world girl-style.

WF has collected the five secrets of women who take the concept of Ladies Who Lunch to another level.


The most important lesson to take away from the Successful Ladies Who Lunch Guide is to actually eat lunch. Scientists have proven that missing a meal keeps you from doing your best thinking, slows down your body and makes you feel emotionally sluggish. All three things keep a woman from performing at full speed. So take that midday break, because getting a nutritious lunch stabilizes your blood sugar so you can stay focused until the quitting bell rings.

TIP: Just because you should eat, doesn't always mean there's time to eat. So learn to be prepared. Always keep non-perishable snack or lunch items in your bag or desk drawer so whenever hunger strikes, you're prepared.


One of the best-kept secrets of good health and success? A healthy social network. Really. One study found women with diverse social connections are less susceptible to colds than those who are socially isolated. A University of Chicago study found that being lonely leads to restless sleep. If you need more reasons to be social, people with stronger social connections are 50 percent more likely to live longer. 

TIP: Ask friends you know well to set you up on a friend date. Everyone has friends from different social circles who would get along famously, so offer to play matchmaker and then ask your friends do the same for you. 


If you only have 30 minutes for lunch, don't waste it working. Create a "no work zone" and get out of the office. Can't do that? Just get away from your desk. Do something to clear your mind. All of the things on your to-do list and the number of decisions you have to make every day at work gradually deplete your psychological resources. Taking a break, even for 15 to 20 minutes, has been proven to help sustain concentration and energy levels throughout the day. 

TIP:  Listen to a podcast or one chapter of an audio book every day. Surf social media or call a friend, or even catch up with mom. The brownie points you will win for that last one are worth more than anything you could do at your desk for 15 minutes.


You know how we just said social connections make for a healthier and happier life? Well, that goes double for work. Research shows strong social connections at the office can boost productivity and make you more passionate about your job. So if you hate work, try making a new friend. Let's go back to the "no work zone" we suggested because this is not about talking shop. Finding a regular lunch buddy to up your job satisfaction is about sharing funny stories and finding something in common. 

TIP: Remember the old schoolyard rule to bring enough for everyone? Bring something tasty to share with a co-worker. It could be a great conversation starter. As you learned in preschool, sharing is caring.


Even a healthy, balanced lunch can be followed by the mid-afternoon slump. When it comes to success, the women at the top say it is all about making every minute of work count. That means no sluggish afternoons for you! Spend a little bit of the lunch hour getting some fresh air and moving around. No, you don't have to be Supergirl and squeeze in a yoga session. Just take a stroll and suck in deep breaths of fresh air. This gives your brain time to recuperate, and the movement helps move along digestion. 

TIP: Invest in one of the digital pedometers so you can keep track of your steps. It is amazing how many you can get wandering around for just 15 minutes. 

Successful women say the real key to working your lunch hour is to do something that makes you feel good. Whether that is accomplishing a goal of getting in your steps, learning a joke from a new friend or just actually getting away from your desk and out of the office, they are all wins in the working girl's guide to success.

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