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how-to-add-more-excitement-to-your-love-life-headerAdd more sparkle to your love life... now!

These little relationship habits could really help you score in the bedroom. When relationships are no longer new, it can be hard to muster the desire (and frankly energy) to keep your love life fresh and exciting. Couples who have certain habits might have an easier time keeping their love lives exciting…without even knowing it! If you already practice these rituals with your love, fantastic…if not try and sneak some of these in to spice up your romantic life and keep it fresh!

1. Shower Together!

Save water and your intimacy…shower together! I know, I know... who wants their boyfriend to see them shave their underarms etc. etc. But by showering together, your trust will build leading to more meaningful lovemaking. While a hot shower in a fantastic hotel overlooking the French alps would be a no-brainer straight path to intimacy, even your everyday groggy morning shower can amp up your love life. Offer to wash each other’s hair and the touch might inspire a bit more than just good clean fun. Seeing each other naked first thing in the morning can build anticipation making romance that night better as well. Keep your bodies fresh, as well as your intimacy! 

2. Flirtatious Text Messages

A huge no-no can really be a huge turn on. While we don’t suggest you send adult pics over your phone (accidentally sending a photo of your goods to your boss can really put a damper on…everything.) sending your guy a flirty text midday can do wonders for your love life. By reminding your partner that you’re thinking less than wholesome thoughts at work, they will get excited and anticipate the fun that is yet to come. Notice a pattern yet? Anticipation can be a fantastic revamp to your love life! 

3. Middle School Comeback 

Remember how fun it was missing the entire movie because you were too “busy” doing something else? No, no don’t do anything that could get you in serious indecency trouble, but some harmless making out in the back row of the movie theater can do wonders for your love life. The inherent danger of getting caught can make a sloppy movie theatre make out head straight to busy love life land in two seconds flat.  Hey, did you really want to watch all of Spider Man 7.5 Return to The Blender of Doom, or whatever, anyways? 

4. Creature of Habit 

By creating traditions you can add some real dimension to your love life. Spaghetti Tuesday can become 'spaghetti then shower then...' Tuesdays if you so please and the excitement of tradition will really amp up your romance. Start a fun weekly tradition that always ends up in the bed and you’ll come to look forward to Tuesdays like never ever before! 

Life is too short to have an average love life. Don’t allow your love life to fall to the wayside, start practicing these habits and you and your partner will be delighted with your more exciting romantic life

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