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how-to-apply-hair-extensions-videoWho doesn't want longer, thicker, or fuller hair?

It seems that all women, at one time or another, are unsatisfied with their hair. We've got solutions for you! 

This day and age, we can pretty much, with the right planning and information, get the hair we want in creative and innovative ways. Tony Odisho, founder of Tony Odisho Hair Extensions, shows us some of the options and the cost of hair extensions.

Types of Hair Extensions

Odisho offers several ways to apply hair extensions for those of us who need to add a little volume, length or thickness.

  1. The first option is called a fusion hair extension, which lasts four to six months. Individual hair strands are applied and fused to the client's hair.
  2. The second option is what Odisho calls express hair extensions, which are geared toward those of us who are busy moms or professionals that need it done quickly. The extensions can be applied within 30 minutes and have an adhesive that is peeled away and applied to the client's hair.

Hair extension applications don't have to cover the whole head. Women can opt for a partial application. Tony Odisho's hair extension pricing depends on whether you are doing the full head or partial. The process for full coverage ranges anywhere from $750-$1200, whereas a partial application costs $150-$200.

Odisho's hair extension line can be found in salons all over the United States or you can visit his website: tonyodishoextensions.com. 

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