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There’s nothing wrong with seeking and getting discounts. Bargains, sales, coupons, and discounts are lifesavers. They are money savers that shoppers love, too.

If you don’t frequent a store or are weary of asking, you won’t automatically know what deals are going on. So, just ask.

To get more bang for your buck here’s how to ask for a discount while shopping:

  • Ask about the store’s current promotions Some stores have associates tell you what their store’s promotions are soon as you enter while it’s like pulling teeth for others.
  • Pay attention to signage and marketing Look at posters and signs as you walk around a store. Be sure to look at the fine print as there is more information there about said promotion. If you’re still seeking more info, ask someone.
  • As you shop, ask about sales Sometimes we shop, pick up things, take them to the cash register and put it all back because we didn’t inquire about the price of items. The same can happen in reverse to where you have to leave the line to go get something else, or more. As you shop, ask about the items you see or are interested in being on sale. There may be something there you would’ve otherwise missed.
  • Ask about tiered deals at the register Some stores have tiered discounts at certain times of the year. They may offer so much off of your total the next time you shop if you fill out a survey. Ask about this and if you will be given a discount on your total bill for spending so much.
  • Military and student discounts Sometimes discounts can be given to students or those in the military, or part of certain organizations if you have your said ID.

The bottom line is to ask questions. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.

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