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A Boho Babe is a true child of Aquarius. Lounging outside and listening to the tranquil sounds of folk rock is your ideal of a perfect day. Just like your chill personality, you take the same approach to your appearance. You count Joni Mitchell, Angela Davis and Yoko Ono as style icons, envying their confident ease and relaxed silhouettes.

Boho Babe, here is your style guide:



A boho babe loves loose and flowy clothing, fit and structure need not apply. Invest in a pair of loose-legged bellbottoms (1), they are a must have for any bohemian.

Add some texture to your outfit with a crocheted top (5). Instead of sporting a macrame art project, opt for a top that has touches of the knotted detail.


Channel Janis Joplin and pile on the accessories (3). Mix and match stones on your hands, wrists and ears, you are the Earth’s child.


All natural hair, whether straight or in an afro is your style. Lay off the products and look into a natural conditioner or mousse (4). It will save your hair and the Earth.


You embrace all-natural products and lots of sunscreen. While you are out at a festival, wear minimal makeup and a cream blush (5) that will not sweat off when you are in the sun.

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